Four Major Reasons Behind Your Oven Temperature Not Being Set Correctly

Oven Temperature

When it comes to preparing some cookies or muffins for your children, your oven is the main part of the process. In this blog, you will be able to know how to check if your oven won’t heat up. We are going to discuss both electric and gas ovens.

Here are the four major reasons that can be the cause of your oven not to set its proper temperature: 

1) Weak Igniters : Do you know that the electrical current is mainly formed from the gas valve by the igniter? As time passes by, the igniter weakens and slowly fails. If that’s the situation, it will be troublesome for you to open the gas valve. It will end in a drop in temperature before the igniter reignites the burner. It can also be a cause of your oven not setting a reliable temperature.

2) Bake Element Issues : If the baking element turns red, then it is an indication that it is heating well. But, if it does not glow red, then it is not heating correctly. You have nothing to worry about because you can easily see the defect area when it burns out. Checking the holes or blisters for you is very important. In this way, you can have an idea of whether the bake element is burnt out. After discovering the trouble, you should make sure to hire a professional and competent technician to fix the problem for you.

3)Broil Element is Burning Out : If your broil element is not turning red, then it is an indication that it is burning out. For you to know or determine if your broil element is going to burn out, you can use a multimeter for examining the element for its continuity. If it has been damaged, then it is better to replace it with a brand new one. 

4) Oven Control Board : The oven sensor and the control board work together to regulate the temperature. For your information, the sensor controls the temperature by altering the electrical current’s resistance due to the frequent change in the oven temperature. With the increase of oven temperature, a sensor of the oven produces good resistance appropriately. When problems occur, it can make your baking appliance function at an inappropriate temperature. To fix the issue, you better hire an honest, professional, and licensed technician to help you with your oven repair needs.

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