Four Typical Cooktop Issues and Solutions

Cooking Appliances

Do you have an idea that a cooktop is one of the most essential appliances you own? However, when it starts giving you some problems, it’s difficult not to panic. Without a cooktop, how can you prepare some meals for your family? How can you bake your favorite muffins in the morning or a grilled cheese when you get home late?

The prospect of a broken or malfunctioning cooktop is anxiety-inducing, but we’re here for you to help, so don’t panic. Most typical cooktop issues can be easily resolved, so you have nothing to be anxious about. Here are four (4) typical problems your cooktop might face and their solutions.

1) The gas burner won’t ignite.


  • Turn the cooktop off and unplug it if you can.
  • Remove the grate and burner cap. 
  • Clean out any loose food debris and reconnect those wires that may have come loose or disconnected. 

If this method doesn’t solve the problem, you will likely need to replace your igniter or some work on your gas connection. You can give us a call and we’ll be glad to assist you to find replacement parts and arrange any major repairs on your cooktop.

 2) Gas burner is not heating well.


  • Turn off and disconnect your cooktop.
  • Remove the grates and burner caps.
  • Soak them in the sink with some soap and hot water.
  • Clean or Scrub the surfaces with a stiff brush.
  • Wipe the surface of the cooktop with a wet sponge.
  • Use a toothpick to eliminate those spilled food or other debris from the gas valves.

(Mixed baking soda and vinegar can also help you to clean your grates and burner caps.)

3) Electric burner won’t heat up.


If just one coil is not heating properly,

  •  Examine the connection and ensure the coil itself is firmly plugged into the cooktop. 
  • Try to do the swapping with the broken coil with another one – if the new coil works in the same spot where the broken coil was plugged in, that means it’s time for you to have a replacement of the coil.

 4) Induction element won’t heat.


When you’re using an induction cooktop and it won’t heat up well, make sure that the pan you’re using is induction compatible. For your information, this induction device works by heating up the pan instantly, rather than the burner below, so you will demand ferromagnetic pans for your cooktop to work well. 

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You can expect that with these DIY tips, your stovetop will be up and running again in no time. If your cooktop does end up needing major troubleshooting– or if it’s time for an appliance upgrade – be sure to contact our team of professionals at Wolf Top Choice Appliance Repair to make sure you receive the best repair service for your Wolf cooktop, stove, range, and oven. Don’t wait for the problem to cause you trouble! Give us a call right away!