Natural ways to clean stainless steel appliances.

You must have noticed that after a long day of preparing tasty meals for your family some of your appliances made of stainless steel accumulate grease and marks of fingerprints all over. Then comes the time when you have to scrub it out and no matter how much you scrub the grease does not seem to go away. Have you ever thought that maybe you are using the wrong method to clean your appliances? Let us look at ways to clean stainless steel with efficiency and  at a very low cost.

Water and microfiber cloth.

Sometimes the easy methods are not the obvious ones. This method is the easiest and it does not require you to buy any special product. This what you need to do;

  • Fill a spray bottle with water
  • Prepare two microfiber  cloths.
  • Spray water all over the stainless steel appliance.
  • Then using one microfiber cloth clean the appliance moving your hand from left to right while going down.
  • After that, use the second dry  microfiber cloth and clean the fridge the same as described above.

This is the simplest way to clean your appliances. If that does not work effectively and you need something strong, then you can try out his other methods.

White Vinegar

You might not like the smell but it is really efficient. Vinegar is a strong substance that can easily remove all grease and fingerprints left after cooking. And also apart from its sometimes strong smell it is completely safe to use around children and pets.

A little oil to shine it

This might be strange to hear but oil can help you keep that fridge shine bright. Paradoxal isn’t it, the product that is responsible for all your misery can actually help to fix it. Be careful, do not use oil to clean your fridge immediately after cooking as this will not help at all. Clean your fridge using the tips suggested earlier and use oil only at the end to polish your appliance.

Dish Detergent

Yes, it is really a product that can help in all situations. But this should be done methodically.

First put water in a spray bottle and add a little dish detergent in it. Then spray it on the surface of the appliance and with a cloth clean as we detailed above. Finally, take a dry cloth and clean the surface thoroughly. Be careful to clean the second time  really thoroughly so as to prevent water stains from appearing.

Baking Soda

This is one of the most efficient ways to remove recalcitrant stains from your fridge. It might be a little messy and long to use for cleaning but it is totally worth it.

  • Mix a little quantity of baking soda with water
  • Using a sponge or cloth rub the surface of your fridge. ( You don’t need to apply too much pressure and go for the most stubborn stains)
  • After that, use a dry cloth to remove all the residuals left by the baking soda.
  • Finally, use a fiber cloth to polish the surface of your appliance.

These methods are for sure the best methods to have your appliance sparkle. You do not need to (877) 917-9852 spend millions for your fridge to look like a million dollar.